OSS Meerwind Süd Ost: shipping, jacking and grouting

  • Attendance, monitoring and approval of towing process into the field with additional installing with the floating HLV Oleg Strashnov and followed grouting as TII inspector for certification.

Grouting of Substation Meerwind Südost Project

  • Grouting with Densit concrete substation to the jacket. Monitoring as TII Inspector for certification of grouting procedure

Commissioning and Sea Fastening OSS Meerwind Südost Project

  • MWS process and sea fastening of all mobile and installed equipment of Substation Meerwind Südost.

Suitability Survey Meerwind Südost

  • Suitability Survey for tug boat for towing OSS Topside to wind farm Meerwind Südost.