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  • LEAN: VSA, VSD Greenfield and optimization of processes. Value generation with output increasing . Three Lean projects closed with success.
  • Change Management: Restructure and change management from department to matrix organization. Target agreements. KPIs, Quality improvement.
  • Member of the board, shipping operation management
  • Analytical, conceptual target-orientated method of operation
  • Overall responsibility for budgets

Ship Management:

  • Master Mariner with C-Naut engine license

Ship Cargo:

  • Sea fastening, heavy cargo (coils, construction parts for offshore and refinery, locomotive). Bulk, dangerous goods (IMDG)


  • Language: English (business fluent)
  • 14 years overseas experience (Europe, Africa, USA, Australia, China, Taiwan and India)
  • Multicultural personnel management

Project Experience:

  • Offshore commissioning, process approval and clearance as MWS.
  • Load out manager for subsea cable
  • Process design for Waden Sea cable laying
  • Client rep. for commissioning from piling to end of WTG
  • Customer project manager in newspaper printing.
  • LEAN workshops
  • Restructuring of company design.
  • Quality approval and assurance.
  • Risk assessments for offshore transports of OSS.
  • Analysis and conception of customized production solutions
  • Control console software programming including on site commissioning
  • Multi-system interfaces

Personal Competence:

  • Resilient
  • Responsible
  • Obliging
  • Reliable
  • Project management capacities
  • Self assertive
  • Company loyalty

Social Competence:

  • Ability to communicate
  • Conflict management abilities
  • Cooperative and team player