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Ships technologie:

  • Ships Engine License C-Naut (nautical license for engines up to 750 kW)
  • Generator technology: synchronization, power engineering.
  • Separator technology (heavy oil preparation)
  • Heavy oil and MDO main engines
  • Compressors
  • Ballast systems
  • Main engine Deutz 524
  • NMF container crane
  • Course E- and A- Welding
  • Gearbox Lohmann & Stolterfort
  • Generator engines, bow thruster
  • Hydraulic systems for cranes and hatches

Electrical engineering:

  • Power supply
  • Installation and commissioning of radio equipment for SOLAS radio security certificate
  • Commissioning Offset printing press up to IFRA – test
  • Fault analysis of power controlled diesel engines
  • Generator service
  • Maintenance of the electrical infrastructure on board
  • UPS

Project experience:

  • Offshore wind, transformers, surveys.
  • Shipyard new construction supervision (deck).
  • Infrastructure- and network analysis in the Automation.
  • Nonconformance analysis press automation (Offset) with Arcnet, Ethernet und subsystems.
  • Shipyard repair supervision on diverse ships.
  • Customer requirement specification for repair realization to get the new classification.
  • Repair coordination main engine in Västeras.
  • Repair coordination gearbox in Youghal.
  • Commissioning Offset printing press up to IFRA – test.
  • UPS-Tests with shut down and restart.