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Surveys, Offshore Service,TII, Inspection for Certification and more…



Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering (equiv. to MSc) with managing experience paired with quality assurance offshore and onshore. Achievement monitoring with quality gates. Certified process professional Six Sigma Black Belt with worldwide commissioning experience.

Electrical instructed person (EIP) with certified responsible qualified electrician (RQE). Switching authorization for 36kV.

Process design and procedures for offshore cable laying and repair as well lifting plans for pylon erection or offshore WTG. See "METHOD STATEMENTS" in the menu line.

Captain with unlimited license (master mariner) and nautical engine license. MWS for cable spooling, transport and offshore monitoring. Process assurance for cable burial and wind farm commissioning. MWS for rotor star, tower, nacelle, piling, drilling and OSS installation as well as cable laying and cable load out. Offshore monitoring and process assurance for grouting (certification). Process design and guidelines for cable repair, method statements, T&I for OSS. Project management for cable load out and minor conversions. Client representative for UXO survey, cable load out, changing of cable route design, cable repair and maintenance.

Safety expert and Safety and Health Coordinator.